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Learning With Things and Comic Strips Part 2

My second comic strip is about my time observing at Gearity School. At Gearity I am observing 4th grade Math and the students all have a chromebook to use. The students do not get to take their chromebooks home and that is because they are at a very young age and it is important that…

Learning With Things and Comic Strips Part 1

My first comic strip is about the time that I taught at Gesu for 8th grade social studies. All the students at the school had chromebooks that they were given in order to learn for each class. The students used primarily their computers to learn in every class. In the class that I observed the…

Access to Technology

I do not know who the technology staff members are at Gesu, but I do know that there are people on staff that will come help with technological problems in the classroom. I observe seventh and eighth graders and they all were given a personal chromebook from the school to take with them to every…

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